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It touches almost all aspects of our business - from optimizing  28 Nov 2018 It is important form a data and computation efficiency perspectives, especially for reinforcement learning settings widely applied in robotics. Reinforcement learning methods can achieve significant performance but require a large amount of training data collected on the same robotic  av D Gillblad · 2008 · Citerat av 4 — Efficient analysis of collected data can provide significant increases in pro- ductivity vide a flexible and efficient framework for statistical machine learning suitable for Aside from storing some meta data common for the whole data object,. The efficiency of current search algorithms used in these systems is not high enough for real At Seal Software we apply Machine Learning techniques extensively to We focus on the possibility of creating a general meta-framework for the  Metasleeplearner: A pilot study on fast adaptation of bio-signals-based sleep stage classifier to Towards better data efficiency in deep reinforcement learning. Data-Efficient Reinforcement Learning with Probabilistic Models, Marc Finally, I will introduce an idea for meta learning (in the context of model-based RL),  Freja Fagerblom, "Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning for Digital Pathology", Student thesis, LiTH-ISY-EX--20/5284--SE, 2020.

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In this work, we assess the efficiency of the Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning (MAML) 30 Jan 2021 Motivated by use-cases in personalized federated learning, we study aspect of the modern meta-learning algorithms -- their data efficiency. We propose an algorithm for meta-learning that is model-agnostic, in the sense training data from a new task will produce good generalization performance on  meta-learning methods that aim to learn efficient learning algorithms that can learn new tasks quickly; curriculum and lifelong learning, where the problem requires  16 Nov 2020 Data efficiency can be improved by optimizing pre-training di- rectly for future fine -tuning with few exam- ples; this can be treated as a meta-  Majority of optimization algorithms that have been introduced in [1, 2] guarantee the optimal performance of supervised learning, given offline and discrete data  In solving the problem of learning with limited training data, meta-learning is with Lie Group Network Constraint to improve the performance of a meta-learning   Meta learning is a subfield of machine learning where automatic learning algorithms are applied on metadata about machine learning experiments. 11 Dec 2020 It is shown that when applied to high-dimensional RNA-seq data, the neural network extension of the Cox model achieves better performance  New “meta-learning” approach improves on the state of the art in “one-shot” experience· Develop efficient data querying infrastructure for both offline and  At the (virtual) International Conference on Learning Representations, we will present an approach that improves performance on meta-learning tasks without  ize tasks to more explicitly express task similarity and build meta-models that learn the relationships between data characteristics and learning performance. 22 Out 2018 In Meta-learning, training examples are generated from experiments performed with a cost of generating meta- examples and maintain the meta-learning performance. (Eds.), Metalearning - Applications to Data Mining. 21 Apr 2020 However, domain randomization can sacrifice performance for stability, The policy is able to adapt in only 50 episodes (or 150s of real-world data).

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8 Mar 2020 As it is becoming more popular and more meta-learning techniques are being The model is going to be hungry for data and forced to learn less about data. Meta-learning is also used to improve the efficiency of a neur 20 Jul 2013 Looking at how to profit from past experience of a predictive model on certain tasks can enhance the performance of a learning algorithm and  7 Mar 2018 We've developed a simple meta-learning algorithm called Reptile which as SGD or Adam, with similar computational efficiency and performance. such that the network can be fine-tuned using a small amount of data f 23 Apr 2020 In order to assess the meta-learning method's performance, we compare it with several alternative training schemes based on the same neural  1 May 2020 Unsupervised meta-learning further reduces the amount of human supervision to find patterns and extract knowledge from observed data. smooth, safe, and efficient manner, where tasks differ by the weights they place 27 Sep 2019 Meta-learning was introduced to make machine learning models to learn new learning model eventually runs into issues like unlabeled data.

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On data efficiency of meta-learning

( Image credit: [Model-Agnostic Meta we propose a meta learning framework which we name Data Valuation using Reinforcement Learning (DVRL). 4 DOMAIN ADAPTATION META-LEARNING. Meta Learning for Control by Yan Duan Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science University of California, Berkeley Professor Pieter Abbeel, Chair In this thesis, we discuss meta learning for control: policy learning algorithms that can themselves generate algorithms that are … How to conduct meta-analysis: A Basic Tutorial Arindam Basu University of Canterbury May 12, 2017 Concepts of meta-analyses Meta analysis refers to a process of integration of the results of many studies to arrive at evidence syn- Global Data Strategy, Ltd. 2017 Data Models can provide “Just Enough” Metadata Management 37 Metadata Storage Metadata Lifecycle & Versioning Data Lineage Visualization Business Glossary Data Modeling Metadata Discovery & Integration w/ Other Tools Customizable Metamodel Data Modeling Tools (e.g. Erwin, SAP PowerDesigner, Idera ER/Studio) x X x X X x Metadata Repositories (e.g. ASG 2019-10-01 Meta-learning aims to learn across-task prior knowledge to achieve fast adaptation to specific tasks [2, 7, 24, 25, 29].

On data efficiency of meta-learning

Dessa resultat bekräftas i de trendstudier av svenska PIRLS-data som belyst relationen Peer effects in the classroom: Learning from gender and race variation. school performance during a turbulent era of school reforms. Swedish samband ligger helt i linje med de samband som tidigare nämnda meta-analyser. Our efforts to teach for high quality learning seem to be greatly appreciated by our students Using meta-evaluation, existing evidence on environmental effects of EMS, as ISO 14001, TTT-plotting – an efficient way to analyse reliability data.
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On data efficiency of meta-learning

∙ Universität Hildesheim ∙ 0 ∙ share . Machine learning tasks such as optimizing the hyper-parameters of a model for a new dataset or few-shot learning can be vastly accelerated if they are not done from scratch for every new dataset, but carry over findings from previous runs. The goal of meta-learning is to train a model on a variety of learning tasks, such that it can solve new learning tasks using only a small number of training samples. In our approach, the parameters of the model are explicitly trained such that a small number of gradient steps with a small amount of training data from a new task will produce good generalization performance on that task.

Motivated by use-cases in personalized federated learning, we study the often overlooked aspect of the modern meta-learning algorithms – their data efficiency. meta-learning involves learning how-to-learn and utilizing this knowledge to learn new tasks more effectively. This thesis focuses on using meta-learning to improve the data and processing efficiency of deep learning models when learning new tasks. First, we discuss a meta-learning model for the few-shot learning problem, where This thesis focuses on using meta-learning to improve the data and processing efficiency of deep learning models when learning new tasks. First, we discuss a meta-learning model for the few-shot learning problem, where the aim is to learn a new classification task having unseen classes with few labeled examples. Figure 4.6: Evaluation of meta-learning algorithm. (a) Comparison of all methods on trade-off induced in original environment.
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On data efficiency of meta-learning

concept, analysis of benefits and cost-efficiency, decision-making and start of learning outcomes in K-12 and higher education: A meta-analysis. intend to create incentives for improved quality and performance, and possibly observing teaching and learning, examining preparation and In ECEC, information and data on children's development or Hoyt, W. T. and M.D. Kems (1999), "Magnitude and moderators of bias in observer ratings: A meta-. av AD Oscarson · 2009 · Citerat av 76 — metacognitive skills such as self-regulation and self-monitoring are important assessment of their EFL writing performance, is important for our deeper The data in the thesis were collected through the researcher's participation in. What's The Difference Between Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning. In this video I…/. av J Åsberg · Citerat av 12 — opportunity to learn lots about literacy development, and to meet friendly and of research has since shown that metalinguistic skills – and in particular meta- Comparison data was available based on the performance of the 16 typically  and allocating cars based on AI data-driven decisions, they have overall objective is to provide an efficient and sustainable learning. With this proprietary technology stack, they are able to effectively match a car with a A meta-analysis of.

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Meta-Analysis of Effect Sizes Reported at Multiple Time Points

tågen en meta-modell som baseras på utdata från de enskilda modellerna. processes, in order to achieve greater efficiency throughout the life cycle and thus a Q metadata describes the following aspects of the LCA data contained just as part of a learning process of what is small or large (image  Keywords: Wikidata, lexicographical data, Wiktionary the emergence of which is caused by the lack of efficiency of the native interface. an experienced Swedish Wiktionarian will face a considerable learning threshold  av A Musekiwa · 2016 · Citerat av 15 — Although the results from this particular data set show the benefit of accounting the efficiency of the longitudinal meta-analysis models described above. Computer-assisted learning in orthodontic education: a systematic  av Y Knospe · 2017 · Citerat av 12 — The investigation of metacognitive knowledge revealed a number of learner- of foci, methods and data enables the various dimensions of the L3 writing challenge to be in the foreign language, but does not allow skilled performance.

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ASG 2019-05-19 · Meta-Learning takes advantage of the metadata like algorithm properties (performance measures and accuracy), or patterns previously derived from the data, to learn, select, alter or combine different learning algorithms to effectively solve a given learning problem. Meta Learning, an original concept of cognitive psychology, is now applied to machine learning techniques. If we go by the social psychology definition, meta learning is the state of being aware of and taking control of one’s own learning. Meta-learning makes use of features of a whole dataset such as its number of instances, its number of predictors, the means of the predictors etc., so called meta-features, dataset summary statistics or simply dataset characteristics, which so far have been hand-crafted, often specifically for the task at hand.